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Viking Training Course Videos - Bonus Creation Course

Bonus Creation Course

Viking Training Course Videos - Bonus Creation Course Sample Clip

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If you are a product vendor, or an affiliate wishing to increase sales, you will soon discover that bonuses are an excellent way to increase the perceived value of your product or offer. They also can significantly increase your conversion rates. Many of your buyers, no matter how good your product is, are sitting on the fence waiting for one last nudge towards becoming a customer. Bonuses can often be the difference between a buyer and a page abandoner. Then there are also those people who absolutely love the bonuses for the bonuses’ sake and will actually judge your product based on the number of bonuses. So, making sure you have a good amount of attractive bonuses can go a long way towards maximizing your sales.


When you’re offering bonuses you can’t just do so with no rhyme or reason. There has got to be some context and logical sense to the bonuses. Specifically, they need to have relevance, utility, and value. Not one or two of those, but all three.


In this course you will learn why and when to use bonuses, how to create effective bonuses, how to find conent to use for bonuses, and how to make bonuses attractive enough to bring in the customers. (also available with an optional eBook version for your convenience)


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