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Crowdfunding Course

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Crowdfunding is the method of raising funds through multiple small donations from a range of investors through an online platform.


In recent years, crowdfunding has become enormously popular as tech-savvy entrepreneurs turn to the online community when traditional funding can’t be secured.


The first large-scale crowdfunding campaign was hosted in 1997 by the English rock band Marillion, who raised $60,000 through online fan donations to fund a U.S. tour.


Crowdfunding allows smaller and non-traditional businesses to gain a foothold in the market by raising the money they need to launch their organizations.


In this course, you’re going to learn what crowdfunding is, how it works, and how you can use it to your advantage.


We’ll look at where you should crowdfund, what your campaign should look like, and how you can bring in investors with this great new funding method. (also available with an optional eBook version for your convenience)