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Facebook Marketing Course

For many businesses and organizations, their Facebook presence has replaced their actual website (at least in importance) because people are more likely to interact and receive updates there.


Almost 40% of the entire world’s online population is on Facebook. Of the remainder who do not use Facebook, half of them live with someone who does. There are currently almost 1.8 billion monthly active users and that’s growing by 500,000 new users per day. Almost 1.2 billion daily logins occur and 6 new profiles are created every second. More than 1,000,000 hours of video viewing time takes place on Facebook. Over 250 Billion images have been uploaded, which boils down to about 350,000,000 per day.


This course will show you how to navigate the many routes of marketing to Facebook users by helping you to:


- understand the basics of Facebook marketing

- learn how to obtain website traffic from your Facebook strategies

- set resonable goals for your marketing results

- create btrand awareness through Facebook

- expand existing audiences to new levels

- enhance public relations

- perform effective market research

- establish a major presence in the Facebook world

- build effective Facebook "pages"

- add "call-to-action" items to your pages

- create Facebook "group"

...and much, much more.

(also available with an optional eBook version for your convenience)



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