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Google Advertising Course

Google is without question the world’s premiere search engine. But it’s become even more than a search engine since it’s humble beginnings. Today, it also happens to have what is arguably the most powerful and far-reaching advertising network in the world.

Today, with Google AdWords, you can put your offers in front of motivated buyers as sponsored search results. This means people are seeing your ad at the very moment they are searching for your solution. What could be more powerful than that?


When you combine the perfect timing of search result ads and the far-reach of the display network with the very reasonable cost per click of Google AdWords… it becomes a must-have advertising solution.


So, how can this course help you make money from using Google Ads?

We will show you how to:

- understand what Google Ads are

- understand how Google Ads are so effective

- discover how and why Google Ads work

- create an effective Google Ad

- find where to place your Google Ads

- pay the least and get the most from Google Ads

- set and attain Google Ad goals

- how to get leads and sales from your Google Ads

- use Google Ads to build a large number of "followers"

- capture the "search" activities

- create display ads and video ads

- perform effective keyword searches.


Once you finish this course you willbe able to utilize the power of Google for creating ads that bring people to your offers, whether or not you have a website of your own.

(also available with an optional eBook version for your convenience)


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