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Instagram Marketing Course

Over 60% of users have learned about a new product, service, business, or brand after finding them on Instagram. Instagram posts with hashtags receive over 12% more likes, comments, tags, and shares. The average business or brand posts 7 times per week.


Clearly Instagram is where you should be marketing, based on audience size, usage and engagement, and demographics – not to mention that every other business is marketing there, which should tell you something.


Through this course we will teach you:


1- How to leverage Instagram to obtain traffic and convert that Instagram traffic into brand-followers, leads, prospects, and customers.

2- How to increase the number of people who will see your posts in their social follower feeds

3- How to get people who come across Instagram content of yours and look at your account, to see some basic info about your brand or business and bring some traffic to your website.

4- How to increase recognition by simply creating and sharing unique, helpful, or entertaining content and get your name, logo, and overall brand identity in front of as many people as possible as many times as possible.

5- How to leverage existing content (that’s already proven itself to be viral) by curating/re-sharing it with your own comments or angles added to it.

6- How to monitor your competitors’ accounts and posts to see what their customers like and what they’re complaining about so you can adjust your business accordingly.


When you complete this course you will see that Instagram is a unique social platform where the goal is to capture your target audience’s attention by appealing to them visually and getting them to buy your product or service as well as promote it to their friends and followers. Get atarted now!


(also available with an optional eBook version for your convenience)


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