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“JV” (joint venture partner) has become shorthand for “affiliate”, or someone who sends traffic to your offer and is paid a commission for each sale they make.


When you do a JV-driven product launch, you don’t have to worry about ad spending. You’re only paying for successful sales after they happen and you know in advance what amount you’re paying per sale. You also don’t have to spend any time or money testing and tweaking and targeting. You’re handing all that hard work over to JVs with their own lists and audiences that they already know well and know how to pitch and market to. It should be apparent that JV affiliate recruiting should be an important acitivity for anyone wishing to make money in selling products or services on the Internet.


This course will help you do just that by showing you:


- How to develop your JV page to attract affiliates

- How to select which JV's to recruit

- How to create a commission model for your affiliates

- When you shoul consider using a JV

- How to create a JV "invite" video to announce your launch

- Where and How to setup a "bonus" page for your affiliates

- How to make a sales page and review page

- Hpw to prepare and give the proper tools to your JV

- How to create a sales funnel

- How to make a sign-up form for the JV to enroll with

- What graphics to create for your JV to use

- How to make email "swipes" that the JV can use for ads

- What to expect from a JV affiliate

- and much much more.


After completeing this course you will be well on your way to recruiting some of the best sales people on the internet to help you sell your product or service.


(also available with an optional eBook version for your convenience)


Viking Training Course Videos - JVZoo Recruiting Course

JVZoo Recruiting Course

Viking Training Course Videos - JVZoo Recruiting Course Sample Clip

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