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LinkedIn Marketing Course

LinkedIn isn’t just for helping you recruit top talent or finding your dream job, but is a powerful means of organic B2B marketing. You can of course leverage paid marketing on LinkedIn, but even with paid marketing every business needs to invest in building their organic presence. Just as with other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a global site—which is an effective means of growing your business well beyond your local service area. While B2B marketing is the most effective, don’t discount LinkedIn for B2C.


• 94% of online marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content.

• 71% of professionals believe LinkedIn is a credible source for professional content.

• 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

• 46% of B2B social media traffic comes from LinkedIn.


Obviously, LinkedIn is the perfect place to market your business. There are many ways for you to network and expand your personal profile and Company Page to a larger audience on LinkedIn. 


In this course we will show you how to:


1: Spend time brainstorming your LinkedIn marketing goals.

2: Decide what kind of content is most useful for your business or niche and develop a content plan.

3: Create and optimize an effective LinkedIn company page in accordance with what you learned in this guide.

4: Start creating, curating, and posting the content decided on in step 2 and begin implementing the recommended practices you’ve learned here.


Then you will be on your way to adding income by promoting your very special content on the LinkedIn Network.


(also available with an optional eBook version for your convenience)


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