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Product Launching Course

What is it that successful internet marketers are doing to ensure high sales percentages? They’re building a “super list”. A super list is a list of real people, with real email addresses that they actually check, who actually habitually take out their credit cards and buy things online. In other words, it’s a buyers list. The difference between a buyers list and a freebie-seeker list is night and day. One makes you money and the other makes you angry.


(We should note that this course assumes you’ve already got a core product created. If not, just pick up our Product Creation course for instructions on how to do that.)


Since the goal of this course is to get you a buyers super list as quickly as possible, we’ll be focusing on how to accomplish a "hard" launch. A hard launch is a publicized launch period with a specific beginning and end date. (A "soft" launch simply has no publicity to speak of).


Our course will show you how to:


- locate affiliates to help you sell your product

- set up a background structure for delivering your product

- interact with buyers after they purchase

- create an autoresponder for automatic emailing

- create sales funnels and lead pages

- establish a support desk and members area (for additional products)

- launch your product

- and much more


Once you finish this course you will be able to perform an effective and successful launch of any product you create.


(also available with an optional eBook version for your convenience)


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