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Retargeting Course

Retargeting is the act of advertising to consumers based on their previous actions or behavior. Ever visited a site to learn about a certain product or brand, and suddenly you notice images of that product or brand following you all over the web? Yep, that’s retargeting, and it’s proven to work like a charm!


Retargeting comes in many shapes and sizes and this course will show you how to market your product or service with  detailed instructions for the most popular methods shown below.


 Site Retargeting - consists of placing a retargeting pixel on your site and creating a retargeting audience out of anyone who visits it.

 Dynamic Retargeting - takes things a step further by taking your traffic’s specific behavior into account.

 Social Retargeting - designed to target people specifically on social networks and especially in their newsfeeds/Twitter feeds.

 Search Retargeting - follows people around the web based on what keywords they previously placed into search engines.

 SEO Retargeting - tells you what search terms a person used in a search engine in order to get to your web property.

 Email Retargeting - retargets people across the web based on how they interact with your email campaigns.


Once you finish this course you will be able to use the retargeting strategies to quickly and easily bring people to your site or sales pages who have already shown a definite interest in your particular product niche.


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