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YouTube Marketing Course

Worldwide, YouTube has over 1 billion users with a whopping 30 million of them watching 5 Billion videos every day.


The average mobile viewing session lasts 40 minutes, so there’s an amazing opportunity to market to a captured audience there.


In this course you will learn to:


- get started using YouTube for marketing your product or service

- create and name your YouTube "channel"

- determine what images to use and how to optimize them

- develop a video content strategy

- develop a text content strategy

- research potential customer FAQ's

- make mini-commercials

- post videos outside of YouTube

- optimize your videos for YouTube

- input YouTube metadata

- record and upload you videos


After completing this course you too will have the chance to become the next YouTube marketing millionaire.


(also available with an optional eBook version for your convenience)


Viking Training Course Videos - YouTube Marketing Course Sample Clip

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